Following 60 years of business in the Southeast, E.G. Holmes & Associates, Inc. has elected to reorganize.
Effective January 31, 2015 we will stop taking orders on behalf of our Principals.  Each of our salesmen will have set up independant operating companies of their own ("LLC's") and will represent some of the current E.G. Holmes Principals. 
However, E.G. Holmes & Associates, Inc. will remain a Corporate Entity through September 30, 2015 for administrative purposes.
 Please contact any of us as before.   
Mike Harris (Phone) 919-880-0933, Email:
Bob Duke (Phone) 321-288-3853, Email:
Tom Rittenhouse (Phone) 941-276-8334, Email:
Gary Gentry (Phone) 321-258-1086, Email:
Joanne Catanzaro, Email:
Mike Harris, Bob Duke, Tom Rittenhouse, Gary Gentry and Joanne Catanzaro wish to thank our many customers and Principals for your loyal support and business over the past 60 years.